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Terms and conditions

Content not meeting the terms and conditions to use “eurofor1.com” will be removed.
”Eurofor1.com” is only an intermediary between the users and is not responsible for incorrectly published information. Please inform us for any abuses.

Terms and Conditions of Use of “Eurofor1.com” Website

Please read carefully these terms and conditions before using “eurofor1.com” website. These terms and conditions form an Agreement between you and “eurofor1.com”, which gives you the right to use the services of the website for personal and commercial purposes at observing the below mentioned terms and conditions. By confirming them, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any subsequent amendments thereto, and agree to follow them, too. In case you do not agree with all the terms and conditions below, please do not use this website.

I. Basic Terms

In reference to the terms and conditions, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

1. “USER” means any individual or legal entity who uses some of the website services.

2. “SERVICE/S " of the website include:
- access to the information resources/website information provided through the Web browser;
- publication of ads on the website;
- creation and personalization of user accounts by registration;
- opportunity to make comments and opinions on the ads.

3. " PARTNER" means any person with whom “eurofor1.com” has entered into contractual relations.

4 ". HARMFUL ATTACKS BY THIRD PARTIES " – third parties acts or omissions of acts that are in discrepancy with the rules of netiquette, including but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service - overloading of the server) hacking into the server, deface, data theft and others.

II. Rules on Creating of User Accounts:

5 . It is allowed to create up to one user account of an individual or a company.
5.1. In case of two or more user accounts of one individual or company, then the accounts will be reduced to one. By a deletion all the data accompanying the user account will be removed - ads, contact information and others
5.2. User accounts, created to circumvent the restrictions imposed by the website on user or rubric, should be deleted.

III. Rules on Publishing of Ad and Its Content:

6 . The following ads should not be accepted (should be removed):
6.1. containing telephone numbers, email addresses or other contact information in the text of the ad (excluding the special fields) or in the attached photos.
6.2. containing any type of contact information in the photos, attached to the ads or the image (logo) of the user account under the rubric "dating, escort".
6.3. containing pictures or images with pornographic content.
6.4. identical ads in the same category before their deadline expires.
6.5. ads with the same text, posted in different categories.
6.6. containing incorrect or wrong information.
6.7. containing phones with added value outside the allowed rubrics.
6.8. that do not match or partially match with the specific section of the website.
6.9. containing personal data (personal ID number, copy of passport, identity card or other) .
6.10. ads for which lots of complaints are received.
6.11. containing illegal, contrary to moral norms, offensive text or graphic content.
6.12. containing political propaganda materials and others.
6.13. containing information that has serial numbers of software products, as well as any other information that the users do not possess legal rights over.
6.14. containing information being a commercial, business or other secret.
6.15. containing special characters, needless spaces between the words, dots, punctuation marks, a set of identical or meaningless letters, as well as a text that does not correspond to the content of the advertisement.
6.16. without accurate and detailed description of the offered goods, service, activity or business.
6.17. containing more than one item of the offered services or goods, or messages with general content.
6.18. ads wherein the required fields are incorrectly filled in .
6.19. having a price or features different from those mentioned in the advertisement.
6.20. with pictures or graphics that do not correspond to the specific proposal, contained in the text of the ad.
6.21. which in any way violate the copyrights and trademarks .
6.22. offering goods and services subject to licensing unless the advertisement contains accurate contact information about the company and the license number of the product (these are serial numbers of software that is illegally resold by individuals or companies)
6.23. offering tobacco products, alcohol (excluding boutique/ collector’s alcohol), precursors, medicines with specific control, narcotics, human organs, hazardous substances, as well as goods without the required certificate in conformance with the EU norms.
6.24. ads of on-line shops wherein the particular commodity subject of the ad, is not mentioned.
6.25. with photos or graphics, containing types of logos, publicity or identifiers of other sites.
6.26. containing multiple spelling errors.
6.27. not written with Cyrillic /it applies only to the Bulgarian version of “eurofor1.com”/
6.28 . ads that are oriented to collecting of information for the users .
6.29. payment for VIP / TOP / URGENT / ad DOES NOT guarantee its posting in “eurofor1.com”, if the ad does not meet the terms and conditions.

7. You are entitled to attach up to 5 photos to each ad. The size of each image should not exceed 4 MB.

8. The photos are automatically resized to maximum dimensions of 900 x 700 pixels if their dimensions exceed the limit. For a condensed overview of the ads the website automatically produces small images.

9. “Eurofor1.com” removes all the ads and registrations containing violations of the Rules described in item 5 and item 6. In case of serious or repeated violations of the user, his/her contact information will be placed in a special list of restrictions for posting of ads. The value for publishing of removed paid ads is not refundable.

10. “Eurofor1.com” reserves the right to delete ads if “eurofor1.com”considers that the information provided in the ads is wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or aiming at harmful actions toward other individuals.

IV. Liability and Limitation of Liability:

11 . All the information on this website is provided in accordance with the legislation of the country wherein it is registered without any warranty by “eurofor1.com” for the information inviolability and safety from harmful attacks by third parties.

12. “Eurofor1.com” does its best to keep true, accurate and updated information on its website, without excluding the possibility of accidental appearance of objective discrepancies or omissions.

13. “Eurofor1.com” is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way with the posted ads, the use or impossibility to use this website.

14. “Eurofor1.com” is not responsible for the subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of this website’s information resources.

15. “Eurofor1.com” is not responsible for the terms of sale, delivery and other arrangements that take place between the users.

16. “Eurofor1.com” is entitled to compensation for all damages, expenditures and claims by third parties which result from an infringement of these terms and conditions and/or unauthorized use of the website services.

17. For the content of the ad that the user (mailer of the ad) provides, he has full material and other responsibility to both the “eurofor1.com” website, and to third parties in case of infringement of the website rules, legislation of the country wherein it is registered, the copyrights and right of property, the rights of trade mark and company logo, as well as in the cases of caused property or moral damages and inconveniences on third parties.

V. Confidentiality

18. “Eurofor1.com” administers the users’ personal data being only voluntarily submitted by the users in concurrence with the website terms and conditions.
19. By publishing of personal data from an individual it is assumed that the individual has given his consent his personal data to be processed, including to be provided to third parties, as per the limitations and provisions of Law on Protection of Personal Data.

20. Every user declares that he agrees all the information entered by him on the site, beyond the specifically stated one, to be accessible to the other users.

21. Personal data are published and processed on the website only if they are voluntarily provided by the individual. “Eurofor1.com” does not check the correctness or voluntariness of the published personal data. In case the site contains personal information that the individual has not provided voluntarily or personal data that are not credible, we should be immediately informed.

22. “Eurofor1.com” can submit the collected statistical information about the visits of the website to advertisers/advertising agencies which keep statistics for the numbers of clicks on their banners and links, draw up internal statistics and such for the direct marketing purposes (its own and Partners’).
22.1. By accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees his/her personal data to be processed for direct marketing purposes.
23. Changes on the personal information, published on the site, are allowed to be done only by the person to whom they refer to.
24. As a data controller, “eurofor1.com” is committed to:
24.1. take technical measures to protect against unauthorized access to personal data of the website user;
24.2. provide technical option for input, modification, addition and deletion of personal data by the website user;
24.3. comply with the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data and other legislative acts applicable in the country wherein it is registered and referable to the protection and processing of personal data.
25. Having a regulated requirement from the authorized and judicial authorities of the relevant country, “eurofor1.com” can provide in written or electronic form the information and register of the user actions.

VI. Copyrights

26. All intellectual property rights over the information resources and materials, posted on the site are subject to protection under the operative Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act, and the unauthorized use of them constitutes a law infringement and entails civil, administrative-criminal and criminal responsability in accordance with the operative legislation of the country wherein the website is registered.

VII. Changes
27. “Eurofor1.com” reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by publishing these changes in due course on the site. The website services users are required to check the terms and conditions updates and to conform their behavior with them. For all the issues not determined with these terms and conditions, the law in force is applied.

Date: 2014

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